We offer valuable training for your dollar, top quality instructors and comprehensive curriculum in a format that fits any schedule. Courses are designed to fit the employer’s needs and may be a combination of assessments, lecture, discussion and practical application. Classes can be held anywhere – your worksite, the downtown Merced College Business Resource Center, or another convenient location.

Classes can be taken as a for-credit class or not-for-credit workshop, providing you with options to best fit your company’s training needs.

While each program serves different constituents and provide an array of outcomes—all are designed to assist in strengthening the workplace and/or to provide enriching opportunities for the workforce throughout the Central Valley of California and the greater Merced area.

Why choose WpLRC as your training solution?

• Onsite training
• Fast paced interactive classes
• Customized to fit any time schedule
• Highly qualified instructors


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