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All classes will be held online for Fall 2020. Classes will be two weeks in length with dates noted below.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to provide updated information.


Customer Service Academy

The Merced College Customer Service Academy is excited to offer you professional development training. Our cutting edge training is designed to empower you with the
skills needed to effectively work with customers and co-workers. Thousands of employees have participated in this National Award Winning Program.

You can pick and choose which workshops best meet your needs, or take all 10 workshops and earn a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Each course is just $ 23.00 and earns ½ unit of college credit!

How to Register:
Click on the hyperlink below to get registration form for full series.

Send registration form to Grace Perez by

***Seats are reserved first come, first served based on completed Registration & Payment Forms
submitted to the Business Resource Center by email.***

Call 209-386-6733 if you have any questions.


Merced College has provided the following link to help guide participants through this new online modality:
COVID-19 - Online Information, Tips, and Tools

Customer Service Academy Schedule
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Communication in the Workplace
Communication is a key to customer service success. To best serve both our internal and external customers, we must understand what they want, when they want it, why they want it and what their is course cover verbal and nonverbal communication as well as superior listening skills.
Participants will have the opportunity to practice techniques.
Available Online
TBD January 2021
Customer Service
Explore key skills and attitudes necessary to effectively meet the customer's needs. Participants will be introduced to concepts and appropriate techniques for dealing with internal and external customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and insuring positive communication.
Available Online
TBD February 2021
Team Building
If we don't have it together with our internal customers, that often translates into poor customer service for our external customers. Working as a team can increase productivity, enhance project management, reduce business conflicts and create superior customer service. Learn the "styles" of your co-workers so you can work together better.
Available Online
TBD March 2021
Attitude in the Workplace
Having the right attitude has a positive impact on the workplace and our interactions with our customers. Explore how attitudes at work positively and negatively affect customer service, the organization's image, productivity, and employee retention. The best-selling training video "FISH" will be featured.
Available Online
TBD April 2021
Values & Ethics
Ethical behavior affects what happens in the workplace. This course provides the opportunity to evaluate ethical behavior and what's appropriate and what's not. A 3-step checklist is introduced to help participants in recognizing ethical behavior.
Available Online
TBD May 2021
Stress Management
Did you know 1 million Americans call in sick every day because of stress related reasons? This costs organizations money, especially in lowered productivity. Causes of stress are identified and dozens of stress management tips and techniques are delivered and practiced.
Available Online
TBD June 2021
Time Management
The workplace demands efficiency and productivity. The way we manage our time has an impact on our ability to get things done. Explore time management techniques at work that will help you stay in balance and be more effective in the workplace.

Available Online
July 6 - 23, 2020

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Conflict Resolution
Conflict gets in the way of good business. Explore the causes and impact conflict can have on customer service. Learn strategies and techniques for resolving tough issues and how to turn a difficult customer into a loyal one.
Available Online
Start August 20, 2021
End date TBD
Decision Making & Problem Solving
Many of us face a constant barrage of workplace decisions and problems to be solved. Regardless of our job responsibilities in the company, we are responsible for smart choices. Learn decision making styles, processes and techniques and when they should be applied.

Available Online
Start September 17, 2021
End date TBD

Managing Organizational Change
We face constant change in the workplace. Explore our natural tendencies and the tendencies of our customers to resist change. Learn skills to adapt and accept change.
Available Online
Start October 22, 2021
End date TBD


To provide a custom class for your business or organization contact:
Terry Plett, Contract Training Coordinator at
209-386-6735 or

Dorota Mimms, Contract Training Coordinator at
209-384-6223 or



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