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All classes will be held online for Fall 2020. Classes will be two weeks in length with dates noted below.
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to provide updated information.


Emerging Leaders Institute

The Emerging Leaders Institute is for employees interested in leadership skills and new managers who are ready to focus on core leadership skills.
Seasoned managers would benefit from this training as well, as they will learn current and proven leadership strategies.

You can pick and choose which workshops best meet your needs, or take all 8 workshops and earn a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Each course is just $ 23.00 and earns ½ unit of college credit!

Please note: classes will be two weeks long for participants to complete all class requirements in Canvas, Merced College's online platform.
Interested participants must register by the last day of the first week of the class start date. Registration deadlines listed below in red / italics.

How to Register:
Click on the hyperlink below to get registration form for full series.

Send registration form to Grace Perez by

***Seats are reserved first come, first served based on completed Registration & Payment Forms
submitted to the Business Resource Center by email.***

Call 209-386-6733 if you have any questions.


Merced College has provided the following link to help guide participants through this new online modality:
COVID-19 - Online Information, Tips, and Tools

Emerging Leaders Institute Schedule
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2020 - 2021 ONLINE

Employee Engagement: (MGMT 50N)
Improve performance, Productivity, and Retention
This class will define what Employee Engagement is and what it looks like in the workplace. Participants will
learn the difference between engaged, disengaged, and actively disengaged employees and how they impact the
workplace. Participants will learn five key ways to engage employees as well as strategies to implement to help
keep employees engaged. Participants will also learn how to re-engage disengaged employees.
Available Online
September 3 - 17, 2020
September 10, 2020
Leadership Essentials: (MGMT 51C)
What Emerging Leaders Need to Know
This class will help prepare new and emerging leaders to succeed by defining the roles, functions and responsibilities of great leaders. Participants will also learn effective delegation procedures and elements of
successful coaching. They will learn how to display professionalism.
A special emphasis will be placed on change management.
Available Online
October 1 - 15, 2020
October 8 , 2020
Leading with Strengths: (MGMT 50S)
Maximize Your Talents and Develop Your Strengths
This class is designed to help leaders recognize their own strengths and learn how to invest in the strengths of
those they lead. Participants will take the Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment and be able to inventory the strengths
of the team they are on and the team they lead.
Available Online
November 5 - 19, 2020
November 12 , 2020
Values and Ethics: (MGMT 50B)
Cultivate an Ethical Working Environment
Ethical behavior affects what happens in the workplace. This class provides the opportunity to evaluate ethical behavior and what’s appropriate and what’s not. A 3-step checklist is introduced to help participants in
recognizing ethical behavior.
Available Online
December 3 - 17, 2020
December 10 , 2020
Generational Diversity: (MGMT 50K)
Leading Cross-Generational Teams
There is not a "onesize fits all" approach to leading, communicating, and motivating cross-generational teams. Participants will understand why each generation behaves the way they do and leave the class with tools that will help them work better together.
Available Online
January/February 2021
Challenges of Leadership: (MGMT 50A)
Difficult People, Tough Conversations and Discipline
This class is designed to equip participants with skills needed to deal with various challenges with leading people. Special emphasis will be placed on practical and proven tools to deal with difficult people and have tough conversations. The topic of accountability will be explored in regard to individual performance and organizational success. Participants will also learn a conflict resolution model which has proven helpful in conducting conversations where there is disagreement.
Available Online
March 2021
Emotional Intelligence: (MGMT 50P)
Improve Relationships and Increase Productivity
This workshop will reveal the 4 domains of EQ and guide you through specific activities to increase your proficiency in each domain. The domains are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Topics include better work environment, happier and more loyal employees and customers, stronger bottom line, good people / relationship skills, and increased fulfillment and success in life.

Available Online
April 2021

Authentic Leadership: (MGMT 50L)
Know Yourself and Lead Your People
This workshop is designed to help leaders cultivate their authentic leadership skills. Participants will focus on follower's four basic needs and will learn the dimensions of authentic leadership. Emphasis will be placed on the growth of trust and the best-selling DVD "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team"will be featured.
Available Online
May 2021


To provide a custom class for your business or organization contact:
Terry Plett, Contract Training Coordinator at
209-386-6735 or

Dorota Mimms, Contract Training Coordinator at
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